Being in a relationship with someone is rewarding and challenging at the same time. Having your significant other – your wife, husband, girlfriend, and boyfriend – leave the country or the city for long periods of time can be downright depressing. Having a long-distance relationship is not something all couples successfully do – to keep your love alive, there are a few measures you can take. Read on for ideas on how to show your better half how much you miss them.

Send Them the Occasional Gift

There is nothing more meaningful than showing up for the one you love. If the one you love lives farther away than you can travel, however, you need to improvise. Sending them a box of roses to mark your anniversary or something “less” important like completing an assignment or just because you wanted to, is a great way of putting a smile on their face. You can also set up weekly or bi-weekly times to have a Skype video call session – if your time zones don’t synchronize, this is more practical and beneficial for the both of you. You can also ask friends or relatives of yours living in the vicinity to take them out on behalf of you – this may seem unconventional and weird, but this shows that you care enough to ask someone else to spend time with them.

Make the Secretly Planned Visit

If you are low on funds, then this is out of the window, but if you can afford to make the flight to car-ride to visit your significant other, please do it whenever you feel the need to. Make sure that you plan everything discreetly and that both you and your partner are free from other commitments at the time. Visiting with the stress of unfinished work at the back of your mind is bound to make the trip less special. Also, make sure you keep quiet until you meet them – the surprise element is more heartfelt.

Know When to Call

If you know your partner well enough, you will know when exactly they need to hear your voice – when that happens, call them and remind them that you are there for them. This is a simple gesture that will go a long way in showing them that you “still” care and that you can understand what they need without physically being with them.

Money Matters

It is understandable that funding plays a vital part in what exactly you get to do. Never fear; you can find a trusted online florist who will deliver your gifts at minimal cost, you can find budget flights to and from your destinations, set up data plans and talk time in such a way that it doesn’t suck out too much from your bank account. At the end of the day, what matters is your significant other and yourself – if you are happy, that is key in keeping the relationship alive and well. If simple gestures can facilitate that, which is what you need to do.

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